Clean Air Without Using Any Chemical Based Product

However, even though it is difficult to notice that the air in homes is not as it really should be, humidification is necessary. Contamination generates bacteria and other microorganisms that attack the immune system, causing dry skin, allergic attacks and even bleeding from the nose.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the ideal rate of air humidity for health is 60% on drier days. Immunity below 20% is a warning sign, which can cause eye irritation and other health problems.


But, how do I humidify the house?

First of all, understand that cleaning the house regularly does not necessarily mean that it is clean. Therefore, other measures are necessary for the air quality to be significant.

We have separated some important and efficient tips to purify the air in your home and for you and your family to breathe easily. Check it out with us!

Ventilate the internal rooms of your home

Try to ventilate the residence at times with less traffic, opening windows in all rooms, without exception. If you do this every day, the air is sure to be fresh.

Use environmentally friendly products

Get out of your head that industrialized products are the best, although they are effective and make cleaning easier, they are not the best options. Using air purifier gel is a good option.

Personal care products, detergents and disinfectants have chemical particles that can cause breathing problems. So, prefer the ecological options that will give the same cleaning result. Keeping this in mind, we would like to offer Purefolio, a top Australian natural product to purify the indoor air. It is also effective against covid.

Control molds in damp locations

The creation of mold in the damp areas of the house (walls, usually) can cause and aggravate respiratory and skin diseases, in addition to causing a strong smell in the room.